Why switch to e-cig?

Why switch to e-cig like Intellicig electronic cigarettes?

Did you ever ask yourself why switch to e-cig!

The most important reason why to switch to e-cigs should be your HEALTH!

Intellicig e-cigs are Healthier! No Tobacco, No Harmful Chemicals, No Tar!

healthier e-cigIntellicig e-cig emulate the physiological and psychological process of smoking, containing NO Tobacco, NO Tar & NO Harmful Carcinogens.

Intellicig alternative cigarettes are available in different strengths, and may be used to assist you in reducing your dependance on nicotine and ultimately give-up smoking, or continue to smoke but in a less harmful manner. We also provide refills in Menthol flavour.

Intellicig electronic cigarettes don’t give you smokers breath and do not harm your lungs. 2 other personal and important benefits of being an Intellicig user smoker, no yellow fingers or teeth anymore. Finally no odor or smell is created.


Are you tired of spending hundreds of pounds a month on smoking?
Use our cash savings calculator to see just how much money you could save by switching. It is 70% cheaper to buy electronic cigarettes compared to tobacco cigarettes. You can save thousands of pounds a year by switching. Find out how much you could save with Intellicig electronic cigarette kits.

With Intellicig it’s legal to smoke in UK – ‘Smoke’ Anywhere

inside smokingIntellicig electric cigarettes contain NO TOBACCO. No lighter and ashtray needed. Electronic cigarettes replicate the sensation of smoking and deliver the same hit experienced through smoking tobacco cigarettes but without the health risks. There are no dangers from passive smoking as the only substance released is a water vapour. You can smoke them anywhere, in the office, on public transport, in the car. Intellcig is battery driven. Smoke in your bed without causing a fire.

Intellicigs are nicotine delivery systems designed specifically to circumvent the smoking ban.

Intellicig products are guaranteed to replicate the smoking experience more authentically than other electronic cigarettes. With Intellicig electronic cigarettes you get plenty of “smoke” and a delicious, sumptuous & smooth cigarette taste.

Amazing Intellicig Electronic Cigarettes

intellicig electronic cigarette starter kitIntellicig Starter Kit
Vapour device, 1 battery, USB charger, 5 electronic cigarette refill capsules (equivalent to approximately 30 cigarettes
intellicig starter kit
intellicig expressdoneIntellicig Express Kit
Vapour device, 1 Battery, 6 Cartomisers, ECOpure e-liquid equivalent to 120 cigarettes, Wall charger
intellicig electronic cigarettes
intellicig plus_kitIntellicig Starter Plus Kit
2 vapour devices, 2 batteries, main charger, USB charger, 25 refill capsules (equivalent to around 150 cigarettes)
Intellicig electronic cigarettes
premium-kitIntellicig Premium Pack
2 vapour devices, 2 batteries, wall charger, USB charger, 50 ECOpure refill capsules (equivalent to some 300 cigarettes)
intellicig electronic cigarettes
intellicig_disposable_1_3cropIntellicig Disposable Electronic Cigarette
The only disposable Electronic Cigarette containing ECOpure E-Liquid, manufactured in the UK using pharmacopoeia-grade nicotine
intellicig uk
Intellicig-XLIntellcig XL
Extra battery capacity – longer lasting. Additional ECOpure Refill Liquid capacity – vape longer 1.2ml capsules. Produces additional vapour & improved ‘hit’. Stylish & attractive design. Excellent quality.
intellicig uk
All Orders Processed in UK IMMEDIATELY! Intellicig electronic cigarettes with selectable strength/ flavour options
buy intellicig

Intellicig products are rigorously tested in UK and subjected to both Quality Control & CE Assessment.

Intellicig electronic cigarettes are Trade Marked and Globally Patented.

Electronic cigarettes have been featured on


electronic-cigarette-as seen-on

Quality Assurance & International Warranty

Intellicig products are rigourously tested and subjected to both Quality Control & CE Assesment. Intellicig have all relevant Safety Certificates (CE & RoHS) Making Them Legal To Sell & Use In The UK, USA & EU.

e-cig-satisfaction-guaranteedIntellicig Products Are Globally Patented & Trademarked.

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